Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Reason Why Not

My interview with David Blixt is finally up over at Metroblogging Chicago. Please swing by there and check it out.

Working on it has emphasized, for me, how little I actually know about journalistic writing. Shame on me, being the son of a journalist and all that.

Special thanks to David for sitting and chatting with me. We should do that again some time — without the recorder, or the guy with the coke-bottle glasses coming over every few minutes to quote Shakespeare at you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Have I Got In My Pocket?

Peter Jackson is going to produce The Hobbit. Finally! I hope he directs it as well. And I hope Ian McKellen plays Gandalf again. And of course Andy Serkis has to play Gollum. And my vote for the younger Bilbo would be Martin Freeman of The Office and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame.

According to the article Jackson plans to split the story into two films. I'm cool with that, although I don't know if it's necessary. He managed to squeeze the other volumes into a film each, and those were far more dense than The Hobbit. But one film or two, I'll still line up to see whatever Jackson does when it comes to Middle Earth. I can't wait to see Smaug.

Any thoughts on who should play Bard the Bowman? Or Thorin Oakenshield?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I got two tickets to see Ministry for Mandy's birthday. They're playing the House of Blues on May 8th. To be fair, the tickets are a present to myself as much as a present for Mandy. But I think she appreciates them, just the same. At the time that I bought the tickets, the 8th was the final show on the North American leg of the band's farewell tour, but after it sold out they added a second show for the next night. Oh well.

Anyway, I wrote about it in a little more detail over at Metroblogging Chicago. Please stop by there and check it out, along with the other articles and writers who contribute to the site.

Also, coming soon to Metroblogging Chicago, my interview with local author, actor, director, and spoiler of women, David Blixt! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

YO, JOE!!!

Pardon my nerding out for a moment, but I just read a bit of exciting news: Rumor has it that Ray Park (better known as Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I — The Disappointment Begins) has been cast as Snake Eyes in the upcoming live-action adaptation of GI Joe. Park has long been many fans' favorite choice for this role. He's a hell of a martial artist, and that's really all the role requires since Snake Eyes doesn't speak. Hell, he doesn't really even show his face.

I've also heard that Sienna Miller is apparently signed to play the Baroness. Also cool. Not a name I would have picked, but I have no specific complaint. Really, as long as they get the hair, glasses and body-suit right I don't really care.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, You haven't posted in over a week and all you've got is crap about the GI Joe movie? Fair enough. Although, truth to tell, there's not a whole lot to report here. I have a sprain in my right foot for which I am taking Prednisone. It seems to be doing the trick. I haven't had caffeine, or soda of any kind, since Friday. While the headaches have passed, I am generally cranky and in a foul mood all the time. I'm hoping that phase passes soon. Rehearsals for Journey's End started last week; so far, so good. And, if I hadn't blown the last of my paid time off waiting for Comcast then I certainly would have used it today, as I have a full-on cold that makes my head feel like it weighs about forty pounds.

Also, have you guys seen the trailers for The Golden Compass? It's so... so... shiny! I must see it! Plus it's got William Donahue of the Catholic League all bent out of shape, which is always an added bonus. I haven't read the books on which this movie is based, but they are on my Christmas wish list.