Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'd Like Some Cheese With My Whine

So, I've got some stuff on my mind. Nothing major, really. The usual stuff people complain about in their blogs. Job issues, that sort of thing. But I realized that I have gone and done something really stupid, which limits my ability to vent the way I'd like.

I've gone and plastered my name and likeness all over this damn website.

Now, I have no real reason to assume that certain people about whom I would like to complain know about this blog, but really, how do I know that for sure? You guys remember that one chick? She called herself "The Washingtonienne" online, never published her own name, only used initials to refer to anyone else. She worked in some congressman's or senator's office, I believe, and she wrote about all of her crazy sexual escapades for the amusement of a couple of her friends from high school. But then, some journalist found it, and managed to track all of the clues in the blog to the source, and published it. The Washingtonienne, whose real name was Jessica Cutler, ended up losing her job. It was quite the little Beltway scandal.

So you can see why I hesitate to vent my frustrations the way I'd like to. Of course, I doubt any journalist would give a crap that I thought I was getting screwed over by the business I work for. And I doubt that I would be so fortunate as to receive a book deal and a spread in Playboy for my trouble.

But then, I haven't even STARTED whining about this play I'm in. Hoo boy. This one's a winner.

In other news, the Snizz's new album, "The ReBirth of Snizz," just dropped. I have heard it, and what can I say about it besides, "The Snizz"? Anyway, if you're interested in checking it out, I'm told that a quick e-mail to the Snizz's business partner, Walshington, I.C., who of course has nothing to do with me, will get you all hooked up.

So that's all the news that's fit to print. At least without getting me in too much trouble.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Look What I Can Do!

Sorry about that last post. It's been an unpleasant couple of weeks. But I'm feeling much better, now.

The whole Hurricane Katrina issue got me really down. I know, that is probably the shallowest, most trite thing anyone has said about it. But I don't really want to get into detail on it here, nor do I feel like making big political statements. I have strong opinions about a lot of stuff, but I'm not nearly as well-informed as I'd like to be. So I'm gonna leave the heavy political blogging to the people who do it well.

In the meantime, I'm gonna talk about stuff that makes me happy.

Some of you who have checked out my profile may have noticed one of my musical interests, the Snizz. The Snizz has a fascinating history, and I am proud to say that I played a small part in it. For those of you who have never heard the Snizz, well, all I can say is that you are missing out on some of the finest bad DJing in the land. He is really, truly awful, but he has raised his lack of talent to an art form all of its own.

Now, you too can follow the adventures of the Snizz at his very own website, The Weekly Snap.

Lastly, I just found out how to add links into the text of this blog. I hope it works. If you're curious how to do it, you can find a bunch of nifty HTML tips here.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Feelings of Insignificance

I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks. No excuse for it, really. I just didn't have much to say. I was in a play that closed last weekend, and start rehearsals for another one next week. The Bears played their final preseason game last night. Their first play from scrimmage was a forty-seven-yard bomb from new starting quarterback Kyle Orton to wide receiver Mushin Muhammad. That was really the highlight of the game. The starters only played two series, and then it just got dull, dull, dull.

I had planned to write something brilliant about the plays I've been working on, and my whole theater hobby, which may or may not turn into a career, and blah blah blah. But I've done little this week other than watch the news, and I can't help but feel that anything I have to say about my life is just not that important right now. At the very least, it could wait a little while.

A few weeks after September 11, 2001, the Onion ran a headline that said something like, "America longs to care about stupid shit again." And I don't know what this says about me, but that pretty much sums up how I have felt about world affairs for the last four years. In the '90s, I was aware of politics and current events. I saw the headlines. I was reasonably well-informed. I knew that our government probably did some things that they should not do, and it was probably for the best that the general public didn't know about it. The worst thing anybody could say for certain, though, was that our President couldn't keep it in his pants. Hell, I know plenty of guys who can't keep it in their pants, and I never thought that alone made them bad people.

My point is that back then I didn't feel that the state of the world colored every aspect of my daily life. But I feel that way now. And I hate it. When I read about New Orleans, or Iraq, or Pat Robertson, or just about anything having anything to do with our current administration, I get a knot in my stomach and I can actually feel my brain tugging at itself, as if it is trying to force me to find something light and entertaining to look at. It's as though reading the daily news briefs on the Internet Movie Database will make the headlines in the Guardian a little less real.

So, to sum up, I just finished a play, which was good, and I'm starting a new one, on which the jury is still out. And the Bears' opening day is a week from this Sunday. Why should anyone care? I dunno. Maybe you'd just like something else to think about for a few minutes.